COVID Announcement

The doors are closed at Lotus Yoga Shala in light of Covid. 


Covid - Fear of the death is at the root of our investigation. The whole world right now, is meditating, our attention fixed, on the fear of death. Yes, the fear of death of human life, but also the fear of death of all the identities that we are so wound up in. Our identity in the work we do, the people we usually meet, our friends, our relationships, our place of prayer and our spiritual practice.  As these identities are taken away from us, we have the opportunity to come to our energy of source, as the layers get shed and our original nature can come to light as more of our armour can be destroyed.

Embrace, let go. Don't hold on for dear life. Now is the perfect time to tap into meditation, that is, the practice of renunciating the worldly shackles, to let go of the layers with ease, and see the beauty of the true awakened self arise. 

And when this experience is nurtured with love, and not fear, the world and it's consciousness will reach the next level of evolution. 

Enjoy the journey

Love always


Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu

May all beings be happy, be peaceful, be liberated

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